Review Policy

Review Policy

I am happy to either receive physical books, e-books and audiobooks.

When contacting me please include a summary of the book, the release date (American and European if possible) the genre the book falls under and a link to the book’s Goodread’s page. If you have any other information to provide (author biography, social media links etc) I am more than happy to receive them also.

If you have a required time frame either for a release date or a Blog Tour please inform me as it will influence my decision as to whether or not I choose to review the book. I will do my best to review any accepted book in a timely manner and all reviews will either posted on a Monday or Thursday unless otherwise agreed.

All reviews published on this blog will be my own honest opinions. If I did not enjoy a book I will say so however I will not be cruel or malicious. I will merely point out certain issues I had so my readers will know what to expect should they choose to purchase your book as a result.


I am happy to take review requests. I am also happy to host giveaways, author guest posts, extracts etc. Please email me at I AM NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING REVIEW REQUESTS. 

Rating System:

I use a five star rating for my reviews:

Five: Perfect.. Flawless. OMG I’m dying, so good. Say bad things about this book and I’ll throw my pizza at you.

Four: Loved. Very good. Would recommend to friends and family, lacking in some aspects but nothing major.

Three: Average. Good in certain places but couldn’t fully capture me.

Two: Nothing particularly magical about this book. Easily forgotten. Would not recommend.

One: This book is so bad it makes me want to stop reading.




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