Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog and my About Page.

 About the Blog:

Books and Tea and Sugar started in February 2014.  The title comes from a C.S. Lewis quote: “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suite me.” It is a review blog focused mainly on Young Adult Novels but other genres may be included from time to time.

Some Facts About Me:

Im twenty years old and a full time student who would like to work in publishing. I’m very Irish and very short. I swear more than I should! I love bad films and television – you should watch The Room. I love reading, especially YA and sometimes adult and crime novels.

My hobbies include sleeping, wearing pyjamas at inappropriate times in the day, annoying my friends into ordering pizza with me and oh yeah, reading. I also find cat videos/meme/gifs absolutely hilarious.

  • Breadcat

Also your hair looks great, lets be friends!



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