Let’s Talk: Shadowhunters Casting News

So, as some of you may know, I am a big fan of the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare so when they announced that it was being adapted into a film I was so freaking excited! I went to see it on the first day it came out and, well, it wasn’t the best and thats putting it kindly. Still, a second film was in the pipeline so I was hopefully that the mistakes of the first one would be corrected but then it got cancelled and all my hopes and dreams were dashed. But! But! Then it was revived as a TV show, a straight to series show on ABC Family and in the last two weeks casting news has been pouring in and as of this post most of the principal cast has been…cast.

So here’s a little discussion post on what I think of the current actors!

Dominic Sherwood

Dominic Sherwood was the first actor cast and he will be playing Jace. Now, film Jace as played by Jamie Campbell Bower was really disappointing because Jace’s humour and snark really didn’t come across well so hopefully Dominic portrayal will be better. Hopefully. Please God. I can’t go through a disappointing Jace again. I haven’t seen Dominic Sherwood in many films except Vampire Academy where he played Christian Ozera (another disappointing film of one of my fave books) and I wasn’t too impressed by him or anyone else really. So, I don’t know how I feel about this casting, if he was unknown to me I’d probably be like “Yes, he’s hot, he can smoulder” but when the only think I’ve seen him is bad then I’m concerned but I’m still hopeful! It’s just cautiously hopeful!

Katherine McNamara

Kat McNamara has been cast as Clary Fray. Now, I really liked Lily Collins but lets be honest the script let her down, so hopefully this girl will get a better opportunity. Apparently, she’s been in a lot of things I haven’t seen any of those things so I’m not fearful about her. My only pet peeve about Kat is that I wish her hair was a bit darker like Lily’s was but other than that she’s cool! I like her, I can’t wait to see her in action!

Next up is Sizzy!


Weirdly, everyone I know and on the internet loved Robert Sheehan as Simon. I was rather indifferent to him, again could have been the script, could have been that I was used to seeing him as a gangster on Love/Hate who knows? So, when Alberto Rosende was cast I didn’t have much emotions and then I saw a picture of him with glasses and OH MY GOD HE’S A PUPPY. He is so adorable and nerdy looking which is how I always envisioned him. So, yeah very pleased with this casting choice!


Emeraude Toubia is playing Isabelle. Again, never seen her in anything, I think she’s only been in Spanish TV, so I can only really judge her on her appearance! She’s beautiful, tall, black hair – she does look like Izzy so hopefully she’ll do great! I did really like Jemima West but I’m still very excited to watch Emeraude make Alberto drool!


Matthew Daddario will be playing Alec “I’m Not Your Bitch” Lightwood and I like this casting. He doesn’t look thirty something, he’s got a good brood on him. I like him and he and Emeraude look similar enough to be siblings. Nice job casting directors.


Harry Shum Jr has been cast as Magnus Bane and just no. This is the one casting choice I’m disappointed about again because I know the actor from Glee and from what i remember from Glee he didn’t do much, just occasional dance every know and again, so to me he was a bit useless (maybe his storyline got better I did stop watching). So, to see an actor I’ve never seen much point in play a really significant character and one I love is disappointing to me but who knows when Shadowhunters airs I might eat my words but for know I’m not really happy with this.


Isaiah Mustafa as Luke Garroway. I really liked  Aiden Turner’s portrayal of Luke, I thought he was, descriptive wise, Luke to a T but that being said I;m quite excited for Isaiah. Luke storyline has been tweaked a bit he’s a detective now not a bookstore owner and i think Isaiah will fill that role quite well. He hasn’t been in a lot of things but I’ve seen him a couple of times and he has got a great screen presence and I have liked him a lot especially in Nikita.


And finally (or so far) Alan Van Sprang has been cast as Valentine! Alan played King Henry in Reign so he’s got some experience being villainous but I could never quite take him seriously as a villain in Reign. I don’t know why maybe it was because when he played funny he was so good at it that a lot of the time I saw him as comic relief so I am a tad bit worried about this casting but I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

And that is all the casting news we have so far! I’m looking forward to seeing who has been, or who will be, cast as Jocelyn and Hodge. Overall, I think we’ve got a pretty good cast so far and I am allowing myself to be a bit excited for this tv show!

What do you guys think of the cast?


3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Shadowhunters Casting News

  1. I didn’t like Jamie as Jace either. I’m so glad someone else thought the same. He just didn’t quite hit Jace’s attitude, plus I didn’t think he was all that cute. I haven’t seen anyone else in anything so I can’t judge their acting. I’m hoping that it all turns well. I’m indifferent to the casting, trying not to have high expectations. I really liked Godfrey Gao, Jemima West, Kevin Zegers, and Aidan Turner in the film, though.

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