March Wrap Up


Hello, my dears. Another month has come to an end and as is tradition in the year 2015 I am late with a blog post and I did not in fact read that many books but unlike that dark month (let us never speak of it) I did actually read some books in March. As a matter of fact, I completed two and started a third (which was finished on April 3rd ironically enough.)

So, at the start of February I started reading Sabriel and I hit a major reading slump, I wasn’t really enjoying it and of course, I was completely buried in academic reading (which everyone just loves) but this month, I finally, finally! finished it! I found it rather average which was disappointing but the ending saved it for me so at some point I will probably continue with the series just not for a long time!

I then finished Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor and basically I was like:



cap jack

I_cant_stop_readinghappy cryinghysterical cryingexhaustedepic

Basically. My actual review, which you know has words, will be sometime in the next week. I’m taking full advantage of the long weekend to get some blogging done as April is my final month of university, ever, so I’m very, very, very, busy! 

But anyway, it was a much improved month for me. I got some reading done both for pleasure and academic, handed in some assignments, did work, saw Cinderella. March was pretty solid – other than me breaking my book buying ban – which let’s be honest I’m not actually sad about. Book Haul up tomorrow!

I hope the rest of you had an excellent March and I shall see you next time!


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