November Wrap Up!


Another month is over and I feel like I missed all of it! I’m serious what happened to November? Where was I? What did I do?

Okay so I know what I did: assignments, postgrad applications and wept for my future…I’m kidding…I’m not.

Books I Read:

But onto the books! I actually started November really well. I read four books in the first week and I didn’t read anymore for the rest of the month. I am an epic fail. But it is more than I read in October and I actually liked these books so be sure to keep an eye out for reviews – which i will start writing again!

darkest minds  retribution of mara dyereveryday sexismdefiance

Books I Bought:

It was a pretty slow boo buying month for me – I only picked up three this month (but my wallet suffered in other ways) and as always I will be posting those in a separate book haul which should be up tomorrow.

Non – Bookish Faves:

November has been a pretty hectic month for me with postgraduate applications, assignments, society work and general friend and family commitments but it has been a pretty good, albeit stressful, month for me.

I got Taylor Swift concert tickets! *internal screaming*

excited tswift

So me and one of my best friends are going to be heading to Manchester to see T-Swizzle in a few months and we’re going to spend a few days there and have ourselves a nice little holiday!

As, I’m writing this I have also just booked flights to Rome with two of my best friends. We’re going for a few days in February and I am so excited! Rome is actually on my 30 Before 3o bucket list so I cannot wait for that. If you guys have any suggestions for what I should go see please let me know!

And finally I became obsessed with penguins this month. I don’t know why although it was probably due to the John Lewis ad.

Anyway penguins are adorable and I now own christmas penguin leggings. I regret nothing.

Happy Christmas Guys!


4 thoughts on “November Wrap Up!

  1. Lucky you! I’m sad because Taylor is not coming to Spain and so I won’t be able to see her =( but anyways, it happens most of the time so I’m used to it now LOL Rome is incredibly pretty, let me tell you… so much history! Oh, and about the books you’ve read I’m very intrigued about Everyday Sexism so I might look into that. I was not the biggest fan of The Darkest Minds and I’ve only read The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer so it’s time for me to pick up the second and third book and be done with the trilogy (I wanna know what happens!).

    Noelia @ A Day In Bookland

    • Oh getting tickets was so hard! We deco paid more than we should but hey! The heart wants what the heart wants! 😛 I am so excited for Rome! Mostly for the food but the history too 😉

      It is an amazing book! You should definitely pick it up! I enjoyed The Darkest Minds and I’m curious to see where it goes. I’m expecting good things from the second one. I have read all three books and I’m still not entirely sure what happened 😛

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