October Wrap Up and Update!



Happy Halloween/Christmas Countdown! (No, it is no longer too early!)

What’s this? A wrap up? I know I’m shocked too. I was looking through my archives and it turns out I haven’t done a wrap up in about three months so I’m bringing it back! Tragically, October has not been the most interesting of months but I’ll do my best to jazz it up a bit.

Books I Read:

It was not a fabulous reading month. I only read three books. I know, it’s depressing. University just keeps messing with my reading schedule but alas here they are anyway.

sweet evilavalonfinding her way back







In another sad note, I wasn’t too impressed by any of these books – it was a decidedly slow and average reading month for me but I am hoping to rectify all of that in November.

Books I Bought:

On a much brighter book note I got some amazing books this month! Close to ten I believe! That definitely made up for my lacklustre reading month and as I am on midterm this week I am hoping to make a nice dent in my TBR pile. (As well as my Assignment pile!) As usual I will be posting a separate book haul and that should be up in the next week.

Non-Bookish Faves:

Ah October – to many it is the month of bobbing for apples, watching Hocus Pocus, dressing up and gorging on candy but not for me! For me October was the month that Taylor Swift’s new album came out.

excited tswift

1989 is absolutely incredible and I have been listening to it on repeat for the last week! Love me some T-Swizzle. I have also been obsessing over House of Cards, Gotham, Agents of SHIELD and I started a BTVS re-watch. It’s been a pretty good month non-reading wise.


I know my blog has been a little bare this month so here is just a tiny explanation. I am in my final year of university, I am looking for a job and I am thinking of applying for a postgrad so life has been a little hectic lately. So, I am sorry for the lack of goof content this month but I am hoping to do better in November. As I said I should have a book haul up within the next week, my most anticipated monthly releases will be up tomorrow and I should have three brand spanking new book reviews up in the next two weeks as well as a book excerpt. (Better than all of last month 😉 ) I am also going to be participating in Books and Cupcakes November Photo Challenge so be sure to check me out on Tumblr and Instagram to see some pretty book photos!

Hope you all had a lovely October!


2 thoughts on “October Wrap Up and Update!

  1. Three books are still a great reading month if we take into account all your Uni work! I was also excited about Taylor’s new album even though I was scared because what I like the most about her music are the country tunes and there isn’t much about it in this album. My favourite song so far is Blank Space. Good luck with your last year of Uni and getting a job!

    • I’m hoping to increase it this month. I was so afraid that I wasn’t going to like the album but I loved it! I love Blank Space.

      Thank you!

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