Crossing the Line: Review

crossing the lineAuthor: Kerry Wilkinson

Publisher: Pan Books

Genre: Crime

Summary: Long before Jessica Daniel became a police officer, Manchester was once a ghost city after dark. Fear ruled as people were afraid to be out by themselves, the notorious Stretford Slasher terrorising its inhabitants.

Twenty-five years on and the media are feeling nostalgic over the milestone but Jessica has a new panic to worry about. Apparent strangers are being targeted in daylight, the attacker unworried about being caught. If only she and her team could find him…

It’s the coldest spring in memory and Jessica has old friends to look out for, plus secrets – so many secrets – that should have long been buried. (Via Goodreads.)


Disclaimer: I received this book from Pan MacMillan for free in exchange for an honest review.


I’m one of those weird people who find crime books relaxing. I, for the most part, consider them beach reads when I’m going on holiday and just a nice way to wind down so when Sam Eades of Pan MacMillan sent me an email asking if I’d like to review one of their new releases I jumped at the chance. There were a few options but I decided to go with Crossing the Line – female protagonist – come on. Anyway as it turns out Crossing the Line was number eight in the Jessica Daniel series – a fact I learned only after I tried adding it to my Currently Reading on Goodreads so, as you can imagine, I was a bit concerned when I started reading.

I didn’t need to be.

There are seven other books of plot lines and character development but anything that was relevant to this book was summed up succinctly when it was being mentioned. I know why Jessica has scars on her wrists, I know what issues she’s had with her (romantic) partner in the past, I know why her relationship with her mother is tense – I didn’t feel like I was behind the times or missing anything important so I wasn’t distracted from the main plot line. It’s definitely a book you could read independent of the series and I’d say the same applies to the rest of the books.

Now, on to the actual book. At first the book was a bit slow to start, it took me about of the third of the novel to get into the book and then the pace started to pick up and I was sufficiently involved with Jessica and her world. The pace continued pretty much on point for the remainder of the novel however some of the resolutions to certain plot lines and sub plot lines were a bit abrupt and it was like “Oh we’re done with that, oh, okay.” but it wasn’t so irritating that it distracted from my overall enjoyment of the book but  I wish we saw more of a resolution then what we did.

It was a very easy read, the crimes weren’t too graphic as to turn off squeamish readers but they were extreme enough to get my attention and hold my interest throughout.  At times it was very funny and very touching and overall I really liked it. It was quick and easy to read and not too taxing as some crime novels can be and that ending was fantastic!  Crossing the Line ends on a cliffhanger that pretty much guarantees that I will read book nine (I’ll probably try to read books 1 through 7 first though…just because I’m a traditionalist like that.) I read the last line and just went, “shiiiit.” Always a good sign in my book.

3.5 Stars.




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