The Liebster Award



I was nominated for the Liebester award by the lovely Legal Reader and although I am very late in getting this post up I’m still very appreciative of the nomination! Thank you!

Rules are:

1) Answer 11 questions about myself;

2) Ask your nominees 11 questions;

3) Nominate 11 blogs to pass on the award by linking to their blog and then letting them know about the nomination.

And her questions were:

1) If you could live in any fictional ‘verse, beside Harry Potter, what would it be?

Okay, Harry Potter is always my default for this but since Hogwarts and Diagon Alley is excluded I think I would like to live in the Night Circus Universe. I mean, magic, fancy dresses and the best damn circus in the world? Yes, please!

2) Have you gotten around to A Song of Ice and Fire series?

I have read the first book and I have seen every episode of the TV Series…I do plan on reading the rest just not when I have to write a dissertation!

3) Do you prefer to see people or art on the book covers?

It depends. I have a resounding hatred for the covers of Vampire Academy and Bloodlines but then I really like the Throne of Glass covers and the Lux covers. So it depends on how well it’s done…if it’s stock photography however I do believe it should be burned. Sorry, Ray Bradbury.

4) Do you listen to music while you read?

No, I used to but if it was a particularly catchy song I’d wind up singing along and getting distracted so nope don’t read and listen to music anymore.

5) Is there a story you want to read that hasn’t been written yet?

Yes! So many but maybe one day I’ll write it myself so I won’t say what it is 😛

6) Do you eat or drink while you read?

I drink tea sometimes but most of the times i get too engrossed in the book and forget that it’s there and by the time i remember it’s stone cold, so…not so much.

7) What’s the strangest place you ever read in?

I don’t think I’ve ever read anywhere strange…I read at a funeral once…not like when the person was being buried but afterwards at the wake…does that count?

8) Your favorite villain gives you a choice: save the fictional world that they’re a part of by killing the hero and be stuck there forever or go back home and the entire world and everyone in it is destroyed. Which do you chose and why?

Kill the hero! because my favourite villain is Voldemort and the hero is Harry and Harry’s a horxcrux so he’d just come back and kill Voldemort anyway. Boom!

9) Favourite childhood book?

The Velveteen Rabbit is my favourite children’s book…although I technically wasn’t a child when I read it!

10) Do you follow publishing houses for updates?

I follow a couple on twitter and some on Tumblr but most of my updates really come from book blogging, Youtubers or Goodreads.

11) What made you get into reading in the first place?

Apparently my mom used to bring me to the library every week when I was little…I don’t remember this, I remember being taken to the video shop every week when I was little…but I’ll say it was my mom and her library trips.

My Questions for nominees!

1) Why Did You Start a Book blog?

2) Favourite Book of all time?

3) You’re throwing a dinner party, you can invite anyone you want, who are the five people eating dinner with you?

4) Have any of your Ships ever sunk?

4) What is Your Favourite and Least Favourite Book Adaption?

5) What’s On Your TBR Pile Right Now?

6) Paperbacks or Hardbacks?

7) Do You Have a Favourite Book Quotes or Quote About Books?

8) Do You Own Any Bookish Swag? (Take Pictures if You Can!)

9) If You Could Be Any Character From A Book Who Would You Be?

10) What Characteristics Do You Look for in a Book Boyfriend?

11) What Book Would You Re-write if You Could?

The People I’m Nominating Are:

Neon Yeti Reads

Bibliophile Bliss

Read and Reviewed

Bookmark Lit



Rainy Tree Reader

Book Cat Pin

Once Upon A Bookish Time

Alex in Bookland

And everyone else I want to nominate has already been nominated! I think… This is optional so don’t feel obligated to take part and sorry if you’ve already been nominated!





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