Love The Book: Hate The Actor

Hollywood loves trends whether they be horror movies, romantic comedies or superhero movies. Hollywood and movie producers will search for whats working and what’s popular and they will cling onto it for dear life until they suffocate it and the trends fades and dies. Hollywood’s current trend is YA Book Adaptions.

YA Book Adaptions have a habit of either breaking records (Twilight, the Hunger Games) or failing miserably (The Host, Eragon, Vampire Academy) so studios keep trying to find the next big record box office hit and the only way to do that is to adapt as many books as they can and lets be honest none of us are going to complain because most of us want to see our favourite book on the big screen. And it’s exciting to hear that something you’ve obsessed over and loved is going to be brought into real life but there is always that element of fear and nothing brings out that fear quite like casting news.

Casting is always a tricky thing when it comes to book adaptions. Most of us have pictured what a certain character has looked liked and sounded like in our heads for years and when a casting option doesn’t live up to that, first, we’re disappointed and then we are very, very angry. I’ll never forget when Jamie Campbell Bower was cast as Jace in the City of Bones movie, people lost their shit!

I myself was one of the many people unimpressed with the choice but it wasn’t going to prevent me from seeing the film. Then life suddenly changed, the trailer came out and everyone was declaring JCB the Perfect Jace and How Could We Ever Have Doubted Him and then, of course, the actual film was released and well, I’m still sad about it…

But what happens when you’re favourite book is being adapted and the lead actor/actress is announced and it’s the person you hate the most in the world?

Let’s be honest here people we all have that list of actors we despise, some for valid reasons – they suck, they’re bad people, and some I don’t know we just hate, there’s no real reason but when you see them you want to switch the channel. I’ve been thinking about this since I read a post by Emily over at Books and Cleverness where she wrote about comments Chloe Grace Moretz made about YA.

Chloe Grace Moretz is one of the YA adaption princesses at this point, she’s the lead in If I Stay and is going to be lead in The 5th Wave. In addition to that she starred in the re-make of Carrie based on the Stephen King novel – which might be categorised as a horror but if it had come out in the last few years it would also have been categorised as Young Adult – lets be real. Now, I’m indifferent to her. I don’t love her, I don’t hate her. I wouldn’t rush out to see a film if she was in and likewise I wouldn’t not see a film that she was in – but some might, especially after her comments considering how hypocritical they are at this point.

However, there is another current YA Princess that well and truly gets on my nerves. One who has been in and is going to be in a minimum of six YA adaptions and my God do I hate her and I know I’m probably going to get a lot of slack for this because she is a darling right now but Shailene Woodley annoys the absolute shit out of me.

There are a lot of reasons she annoys me, from her completely uneducated argument on feminism to the fact that she forages for her food and doesn’t have a cell phone – it baffles me! What happens if your parents get into a serious car accident and doctors need your permission to remove their face or something and can’t get through to you because you were up in the mountains trying to find berries without a fucking phone…God, it just really bothers me.

When Divergent first came out I wasn’t too bothered about seeing it mostly because i didn’t like the book that much, but, in the end, I did and I liked it and even found Woodley performance to be pretty decent but as time went on and she came more and more into public attention and I really, really started to dislike her. So by the time The Fault in Our Stars was released I was in a bit of a pickle. I really wanted to see the film, I really did not want to see Shailene Woodley’s face.

In the end I gave in and went to see and yes, I liked it but, okay, the scene in Amsterdam on the bench when Gus tells Hazel he has cancer again and Woodley just closes her eyes? You know it? You’re picturing it? I wanted to throw something, her face just bothered me! I’ve reached the point where a dislike for an actress which was born out of legitimate reasons is now so far gone that seeing her face actually annoys me. She’s my new Katherine Heigl!

But let’s get back to the main point of this discussion, should dislike for an actress or actor prevent you from enjoying or seeing the movie? It shouldn’t but it does. For the most part I’m going to be free of Shailene Woodley soon enough, there is not going to be a sequel to TFIOS, I am probably going to see the rest of the Divergent series – partially because Theo James is gorgeous and partially because I want to see how much of a train wreck Allegiant is on the big screen! So that leaves us with The Spectacular Now, Woodley’s first YA film adaption and the real reason I am writing this post.

Last week, I was in a book store just browsing and I saw The Spectacular Now on the shelf. Now, I have heard good things about the Spectacular Now so being curious I reached for it and, then, I stopped. Because just as my fingers were about to close around the spine I remembered: Shailene Woodley is in the film adaption. I pulled back, turned around and promptly left the store. My dislike of this actress not only prevented me from watching the film but from also reading the book. This is what I have become.

The thing is before I realised that Shailene and I were just not meant to co-exist I had already become invested in the Drivergent films so I will finish watching them and then my relationship with Woodley will come to a very permanent end.

Normal human beings probably aren’t bothered by things like this but I am so I’m curious to know if other people feel the same way about this. Is there are actor or actress out there that annoys you so much that they would turn you off seeing a film even if it was the adaption of your favourite book? Or do you suck it up and watch it?

Let me know in the comments below!



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