July Wrap Up


So, another month comes to an end! I’ll be honest July hasn’t been the best of months for me! It all began at the start of the month when I got a call from my friend saying that we had lost our house for the upcoming academic year because the ceilings were the wrong height for bedrooms. (A fact we already knew but were hoping wouldn’t be noticed by the city council or inspectors or whoever. They noticed.) So, my roomies and I have been house hunting for the last month and although we’ve been close on many occasions we still have nowhere to live! I woke up to another rejection email so the homelessness continues!


IMG_0810 That being said, it hasn’t been the worst of months. I went to Paris in July with my family and a friend and it was beautiful!

Ridiculously warm! It was 34 degrees and I’m from quite a mild place! At 16 degrees we’re out in bikiIMG_1032ni’s thinking the weather will never be better. So we didn’t exactly come prepared for the heat! But it was great!

I saw Notre Damn, the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower (btw: if you think going to the tower at 11 o’clock at night will mean there will be less of a line and you’ll get up there faster, it does not mean that. At all!) went on a Seine cruise, ate macaroons, nearly got trampled to death at the Louvre, drank some awful wine and bought at book at Shakespeare & Co. Wonderful, lovely trip. I can’t wait to go again!

But onto the important things in life; the books!

Books I Bought:

IMG_1072At the start of the month I put myself on a bit of a book ban. I figured I was going to Paris – which is insanely expensive – so I better save a bit of money. That didn’t really work out. You know, I just said I’d buy one but it was on Buy One Get Another Half Price, and then there were sales and reductions and then I just wanted more books…

I bought 11 books in total and received one from a publisher in exchange for an honest review. So it brought my total to 12 books for this month, which is less than June so my book ban kinda sorta worked!

To see all the books I got this month check out my July Book Haul here.

Books I Read: 

I thought I didn’t do to well when it came to reading this month but I just looked over my Goodreads shelf and as it turns out I read 12 books this month which I’m pretty impressed by since I felt like my entire month has been taken up by house hunting and sobbing every time we don’t find a house! So here are the books I read:

Shatter me



Only Ever Yourschampionlolachamber of secretsprisoner of azkabantheassassinsbladedrawing amandaperfect scoundrelsshadow and bone









I’ve reviewed them all except for Harry Potter and Perfect Scoundrels and Shadow and Bone which are due to go up sometime next week. To see all my reviews click here. 

Book of the Month:Only Ever Yours

My book of the month has to be Only Ever Yours by Louise O’Neill. Insanely good, brilliantly written, a book that should be read by everybody.


I am participating in the Summer of Spells Challenge and the LOTR Buddy-Read Along Challenge. As you can see from the books I’ve read, I did okay for Summer of Spells but I failed miserably for LOTR. I was supposed to read the Twin Towers this month but I just couldn’t bring myself to pick it up! Hopefully I’ll get around to it this month!

At the start of the year I set myself a goal. I wanted to read 50 books and so far I have read 41, so I think I’m track to complete that by the end of August! Here’s hoping!

Non Bookish Faves:

So other than books, what else have I been loving?

Well, this month I joined Tumblr. Originally intended to be just about bookish things, it has turned into a multifandom mess but the heart wants what the heart wants. Check me out here and if you’re on Tumblr leave a link below so I can check you out too 🙂

I also joined instagram. I’m a little bit obsessed with Instagram and I’m always looking for new people to follow, so again leave your username if you feel so inclined!

bbsI have a new TV obsession this month and it is the 100. I know its actually been out for awhile but I marathoned it about two weeks ago and i have become deeply, deeply obsessed.

I watch for the plot. Obviously.

What else would I be watching it for?

I mean, really?


Other Faves include:

August’s Rhapsody from the film August Rush. Listen here.

And the Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game. I’m on the A-List. I own two homes in the Kim K Game and none in real life. God!

Okay, so that was my July Wrap up! Hope you guys had a great month!






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