#BookADayUK: Favourite Likeable Villan

book a day

In June the Borough Press encouraged everyone to tweet a book a day to celebrate Independent Booksellers Week. It was so popular that Doubleday Books UK have decided to keep it going through July.

Favourite Likeable Villan: Arobynn Hammel from The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas


Arobynn Hammel is never explicitly stated as the villain in the Throne of Glass series but he definitely is one as can be seen in the Assassin’s Blade. We are taught to see him as the person who saved Celaena but really he’s the person who manipulates, abuses and imprisons her. He is a cruel, vile and selfish man and I kinda love him.  I am aware that he is a horrible, terrible human being but at times he’s charming and you do sometimes think that he actually cares about Celaena as a person and not just a trophy/possession and I really want to see more of him. Especially since we know things about that Celaena does not.


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