From Page to Screen: Divergent

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Author/Director: Veronica Roth/Neil Burger

Publisher/Producer: Katherine Tegan Books/ Summit Entertainment

Review: I think I’ll start of this review with a confession; I was never the biggest Divergent fan. I don’t know what it was but I never quite connected with the books. I read the first two but I never felt the need to read the third so I always put it down as a series I wasn’t going to finish. So, when the film came out I wasn’t exactly lining up to go see it but then my friend wanted to see it so I went along with her and I really liked it! Now, don’t get me wrong this film was far from perfect but I still found it to be enjoyable.

I thought the casting was really well done for the most part. I thought Shailene Woodley and Theo James were very good as Tris and Four but there were times when the age difference between them made the relationship seem a bit creepy but I do think they have great chemistry and they did really sell the relationship between Tris and Four. I thought Jai Courtney as Eric was very well done, though I do wish they had done something different with his look. Zoe Kravitz was also a good choice for Christina. I’m still not sure about Miles Teller as Peter. I think he gave a good performance – from what we saw of him but I’m not sure he was the best choice for the role.

I don’t think the film did a great job of introducing it’s characters. For the most part I was able to recognise the important ones; Tris, Christina, Four, etc but I had completely forgotten about Will and Al and I didn’t have a clue who Miles Teller was supposed to be. He’s on screen in the first five minutes but it’s about forty-fifty minutes in before his name is even mentioned. I think that could have been handled better.

I think they stuck as close to the book as possible – from what I remember anyway – although a lot of stuff was cut out – especially between Tris and Four – but for the most part I think the plot reflected the novel very well.

Another thing I really liked about the film was the soundtrack. I think Ellie Goulding was an odd choice to head the soundtrack but the songs fit really well and I actually downloaded both of them. So, well done music people.

Overall, I thought this movie was somewhat flawed but it was pretty fun and I think fans of the book and others will like it. It has definitely made me want to pick up Allegiant and I am looking forward to the sequel.



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