The Isobel Journal: Mini Review


Author: Isobel Harrop.

Publisher: Hotkey Books.

Mini Review:

I ordered the Isobel Journal from Waterstones about two weeks ago, started reading it on a Wednesday and finished it about ten – fifteen minutes later. If you are expecting a novel, or even a short story, re-evealuate right now. I was slightly disappointed by the lack of words in this book, but perhaps that’s my fault, I should have done a bit more research and as I bought it online I didn’t have a chance to flip through the pages and see that I was only really paying for illustrations.

That being said, I did adore this. From the few sentences that appear in the book, which include gems such as “Sometimes people look like owls and you have to capture that.”, it was breathtakingly clear to me that Isobel Harrop is my spirit animal and I want to be friends with her.  And if she wrote a book, or a collection of short stories, or a napkin, I would read it.

The illustrations are the main draw of this book. They are beautiful and lovely and other synonyms! And they do make the book worth it’s price tag. As Harrop herself says, “Sometimes pictures say more than words ever can.”

Overall, I adored this book. It’s quirky, fun and really reflects what a teenager’s (or someone in their early twenties. cough. cough) life is like. Well worth a read or look as the case may be.



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